Dear Physicians, Dieticians, Therapists, Psychologists and Other Healthcare Providers,

Like you, my goal is for our patients to have the best outcomes possible. It is an honor that you would consider having me become a part of your patients’ care teams. As such, I promise to work as hard as you to support you and our patients.

We must always put a lot of energy into promoting good mental and physical health. These two forms of health are completely interconnected. A large part of the role I play is in the medical evaluation of our mutual patients. My medical testing and examinations are thorough. I make certain that all are safe enough to be treated in the outpatient setting, and I promise to speak up if anyone must transition to a higher level of care. My on-going medical management is comprehensive; I monitor and treat deficiencies as well as prescribe appropriate medications. This resonates most when working with patients with eating disorders which is a passion of mine.

I always collaborate and communicate with everyone on the treatment team, during and after care hours. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss working together.


Jennifer Gorrelick, M.D.