Dr. Gorrelick accepts traditional Medicare insurance. For all other insurance providers, she is considered out-of-network.

Dr. Gorrelick’s office will provide you will with all necessary documentation so that you may easily file with your insurance company.

For self-pay patients, payment is due at the time services are rendered. Credit card information will be collected prior to your appointment and securely kept on file for future appointments.

Dr. Gorrelick’s office submits your bill directly to Medicare. Our office will send you a bill for any expenses not covered by Medicare.

We do not participate with programs that patients have purchased through an insurance company. Aetna and United HealthCare are two of the most common companies who provide this service. It is your responsibility to make certain that you do not have this form of Medicare.

No, we will submit, and Medicare will automatically transfer this bill to your supplemental or secondary insurance. It is your responsibility to make certain that Medicare has your secondary insurance(s) on file.

Eating Disorder patient appointments:

New Patients (those never seen before or last seen over 5 years ago): $850 which includes

  • Virginia state residents (or those living in Virginia):
    • A one hour virtual intake appointment
    • A one hour in person visit (plus an EKG) within 2 weeks of the virtual appointment
  • Non-Virginia state residents:
    • A two hour in person visit (plus an EKG)

Follow-ups: most often $120-180

  • Virtual or in person, includes evaluation of medical information and coordination of care

Routine patient appointments (both virtual and in person):

  • New Patients: $210-350
  • Established Patients: $120-250 (most often $120-180)